Monday, May 4, 2009

Up and running for 2009!

What a great community we have here in Grand Rapids! I have to admit with I was a little worried with all the news reports that 2009 will be the toughest year that we would have a hard time getting this ball rolling for 2009. However we are blessed with great Landscaping companies that are participating this year. Many have returned for a 2nd year and we also have some new Landscapers.

We will have at least 10 – 12 yards for 2009 and will be drawing name May 7th.

Also on May 7th we will be have a “smile and dial” campaign, to seek out donations from the community. Many who contributed last year are giving this year as well!

It is time to either get you application in for your yard to be submitted for the random drawing or phone/mail in your donation!

The new sponsor list will be published for 2009 after May 7th on the F.L.O.W. website.

Spring is in the air in Michigan, so get with FLOW and help make our neighborhoods bloom!

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