Thursday, May 14, 2009

Smile and Dial a great success

Thank you to our volunteers for "Smile and Dial"
We had a very successful fundraiser to raise money. The volunteers called local Realtors and their brokers to contribute. We are still receiving checks from people who have committed to donate, so not all the numbers are in but will update as soon as we gather all the information.

Our dialers were:

Committee chair - Mary Kent - Five Star Real Estate
Mary Mishler - MLM Realty LLC
JoAnn Hatfield - Greenridge Realty
Patricia Caston - Title company
Linda Pell - Keller Williams realty
Michelle Gordon - Keller Williams realty
Susan Pastoor - Metropolitan Title
Ed vogt - Audu Real Estate INC.
Jason Jenkins - Metlife Home Loans
Greg clausen - Metlife Home Loans

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