Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A BIG thank you to my senior volunteers!

Collating and book making was the plan for the day yesterday. ICCF who has partnered with us for the F.L.O.W. foundation, called in their senior volunteers. We had fun and they worked hard to get it all done. I got to learn how to use a binding machine! The books look great.........Mary Mishler made the lay out and Brendan O'Driscoll printed the pages for us. Which has been wonderful, as everything needed to get this foundation up and running has been donated! So thus far............every penny donated has been used for the foundation. Not ONE admin cost as of yet!
This foundation was meant to be a community project and it really has turned out that way. People from all over have pitched in to help!
I so enjoy all the new people I get to meet. Here is a pic of my senior volunteers hard at work:

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