Monday, April 28, 2008

Results of Yard Sale

What a fun day this was! We Raised another $250.00. A big thank you to all who donated and to Naya Bistro for the donation of the room. We had a rapid change in the weather. It got chilly, so having the yard sale inside was a God send.

The volunteers who worked the sale, Mary Kent, Susan Pastoor, Sarah DeWitt, Linda Pell, I – Michelle Gordon and 3 youth also spent money, many goodies were to be found at our yard sale.

We really liked meeting the public who came out and shopped, and were able to hand out brochures on F.L.O.W. to everyone (courtesy of Chris Gamelin). Being able to spread the word of our foundation was as important as it was to make money.

I have to say, working on this project has put me in touch with many people in the public that I normally would not meet. I was able to hand out my business card to one shopper's, and when people found out we were realtors and lenders, they were impressed.

The funniest donation we had was a woman dropped off a “great” collection of CD’s. We asked her why she was getting rid of such a good collection. Her comment: Her boy friend had broken up with her and he left behind the collection! So she donated them to a good cause and got some personal satisfaction as well!

Getting to know these members of W.C.R. while working on the yard sale was priceless. We tend to all go to the luncheon but not much time to “really” get to know each other. This was a good way to spend some time together and learn a little more about each other personally.

Mary Mishler dropped in to see us during the course of her busy day. Thank you for your continued support to this very important cause.

We all felt this was a great success for how small our yard sale was, so we want to do this bigger and better in the summer! So if everyone will get a box or a garbage bag, mark it F.L.O.W. start adding your old “stuff”. We will need it this summer!

We need a volunteer to have it at their home, what we have learned: Better at a house then a business, better to be able to drop off donations all week, not just one day. EGR is a great location for yard sales, yes I live in EGR, but my husband is NOT yard sale friendly! Ha-ha let me know if you are willing to host the yard sale.

Watch out for more fund raisers on the way!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

And then there was more help!

Another person went out on their own to work on the “Woman Built” Habitat home for humanity. Linda Pell a member of WCR, went out on her own and worked at this home. Linda called me after working on the home yesterday, as she had a great experience, she said she was pleased with how many people came out to help after they worked their “full time jobs” . If felt like an Amish committee that is working together to build a new home. Linda has signed up for 2 more days. Linda worked on making trellises and feels so good about the work she did that it makes the muscle pain she has not feel so bad!!!

The home Shelly(see post below) and Linda went out to work on is the home WCR is supporting for Landscaping as part of our F.L.O.W. foundation.

Thank you Linda!!!!

The date set aside for WCR to work on the landscaping portion is June 7th, however if you do not want to do physical work, there is still room to support the landscaping project financially. See sponsorship section of the F.L.O.W. website.

Also visit our blog site often for more info and to keep up on the updates as they become available.

Above are pictures of the home courtesy of Linda Pell.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thank you Shelly Abbott - Greenridge Realty

Shelly took it upon herself to be the first to assist with the "Woman Built" habitat for humanity home, here is what they had to say about Shelly:

I had the pleasure of meeting Shelly Abbott from Greenridge Realty on Saturday who was a part of the first day of construction! Shelly decided to help out as a general volunteer and is excited about returning to work on the landscaping with the Women’s Council of Realtors. Shelly will be a great asset to your team in helping with the landscaping!

Kathy M. Forzley
Habitat for Humanity of Kent County

Good Job Shelly!!!!! and Thank you!

We are still looking for cash donations for this project. If you are interested in joining the day of landscaping please e-mail

Thank you!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

A new fund raiser is on its way!!!!

Yes, it is spring cleaning time. Do you want something to do with that old junk you have laying around? Please consider donating to our Yard Sale.

When: April 26th – Saturday

Time: drop off time 7am – 9am - Sale 9am – 4pm

Where: Naya Bistro and Wine Bar – 1144 East Paris, SE – Naya will be having a new special - $5.00 off diners ordered between 4pm and 6pm!

What: Give us anything you do not want anymore! All left over items will be donated to Salvation Army, unless requested by someone else.

Volunteers – I will need some help to work the sale. This is a great opportunity for youth looking for service hours!

If you plan on dropping off “stuff” and/or need more info please e-mail Michelle Gordon –

And…………plan on doing a little shopping!!!!