Monday, February 25, 2008

How landscaping affects our community in the economic status we are currently in.

Homes sales keep the economy purring. Home buying is one the main factors of turning the economy around. If we increase home sales, it will affect everyone even if they are not buying or selling a home. Increased home sales will help boost our economy in this domino effect:

Landscape city yards….

City neighborhoods become a more desired area to live for home buyers
Home sales increase in the city
Reduced inventory allows to stabilize prices and recover home values
Sellers are selling and are able to buy their 2nd home
This effects new construction and mid price range homes
New construction sales will rise
This will affect jobs as well
People out of work can go back to work due to demand and retail sales will rise.
If mid price range home sales increases this will affect the sales of the higher end homes as well.

The outcome:
Home sales on the rise………foreclosure rates are lowered and economy status stabilizes.

Grand Rapids WILL be vital again, with the medical industry expansion. When people come to check us out for relocation purposes…………lets give them something to look at! Some GREAT looking city neighborhoods that includes a community who cares!

No gift is to small………..donate today……….and do not forget this is a tax write off!